Speech Therapy

Is your child faced with a communication challenge? We are here to help! STC offers supreme speech, language, social skills, and feeding therapy for children of all ages. Our Speech Language Pathologists have received the highest level of training around in order to help your child achieve his/her highest developmental potential

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Is your child not sitting on time, crawling or walking? Is your child falling more than other children or having difficulty with performing stairs? Physical therapy can help your child achieve these milestones, improve balance and confidence. Pediatric physical therapy is focused on helping children return to what it is they do best, play and explore their world.

Occupational Therapy

Do you have concerns with your child’s fine motor abilities (such as handwriting, drawing, or scissor skills), sensory development, independence with dressing, feeding, and daily functioning? Our OTs are here to help your child function with ease throughout his/her day.

Other Services/Telepractice Services

We offer a holistic approach to enhancing your child’s full developmental potential. Located on-site, our office integrates top professionals in the fields of Psychology, ADHD Support, Dyslexia Intervention, Parent Coaching, and Behavioral Specialist. We also have a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician referral program to help children and guide parents. In addition, Sovereign Therapy Center offers online speech and occupational therapy or Telepractice Therapy for clients who are unable to receive face to face therapy services. 

Educational Services

At Sovereign Therapy Center, we have tutors with advanced skills to meet the needs of children with learning challenges. We offer academic support to help your child gain independence with school performance and learning skills. Our goal is to help your child develop strategies to become a supreme and easier learner. We also offer contract employment with local school districts to provide speech, occupational and physical therapy services.

Special Education Advocacy

We also have special education advocates to  attend IEP meetings and help your family with the IEP process as well as any school-based or vocational based services and support.

Psychologists & Parent ADHD Coaching

At Sovereign Therapy Center, we have Psychologists, Life Coaches, Applied Behavioral Therapist, and Certified Parent-to-Parent Instructors specializing in evaluating, treating, and guiding children and adults with a variety of disabilities. Our psychologists provide developmental & educational assessments, consultation, and therapeutic programs for children experiencing psychological and/or developmental disabilities including autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, social challenges, emotional difficulties, educational and behavior problems.

Often times, psychologists counsel the entire family as well. Depending on the patient’s age, psychologists use art therapy, music, and play to communicate and learn more about the child’s emotional state and developmental abilities.


Our Parent Coach and Parent Educator provides parent coaching and education including behavioral strategies to give parents the tools to help their children with ADHD.  She also provides college, high school, and adult coaching as well as school advocacy for those affected by ADHD and their families. Our psychologists and parent coaches offer parent support groups throughout the year.

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