Best Atlanta Speech Pathologists
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Sovereign Therapy Center is now hiring competent professional, energetic and committed team members to provide speech, occupational and physical therapy. We currently have PRN, Part-time and Full-time employment opportunities currently available for caring and well-trained specialists who are skilled in working with children, adolescents and adults.

At Sovereign Therapy Center, we pride ourselves on fostering a professionally supportive, inspiring, fun work environment while making a supreme difference in the lives of children, adolescents and adults. For more information regarding employment opportunities at Sovereign Therapy Center, call now to speak with our hiring manager or download our employment application. (770-446-0911)






















Sovereign Therapy Center offers competitive compensation and flexible scheduling. At Sovereign Therapy Center we encourage an environment for our specialists to actively engage in continuing education. Qualified applicants must possess Georgia Licensure and respective Certification.












Requirements for Entry-Level Graduate Clinical Internships:
* All requests for clinical internships must come directly from the graduate school program coordinator. Placements are contingent on establishing a contract.
*Applicants must have a genuine interest in pediatrics or adults and be actively completing a clinical internship class in their respective academic programs

*Student placement interviews are required prior to placement Contact the student coordinator for more information.


Other Clinical Education Opportunities
For a single day observation with a speech pathologist at Sovereign Therapy Center, contact the student coordinator at (770-446-0911) or at ( We do not offer successive day observations accumulation of hours for graduate school admission.


If you are inquiring about a volunteer position at Sovereign Therapy Center, please contact our main office for more information regarding volunteer opportunities. A background check and character references will be required for consideration of volunteer opportunities.

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Best Atlanta Speech Pathologists